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Xu Youyous parents, similar to their relatives who were about to leave earlier, were stunned as well.

On the other hand, Old Madam Xu rose to her feet immediately.

Xu Youyou could sense all kinds of gazes on them.

However, the expression on her delicate face remained unchanged.

She looked at the extraordinarily handsome Mo Shenbai furtively from the corners of her eyes, who looked like a fallen immortal, and felt her heart skip a beat.

She felt helpless; the man next to her was born with a face that made people unable to stay calm.

In order to stay calm so the wedding would continue smoothly, she withdrew her gaze.


Due to Old Madam Xus health, the wedding ceremony was very simple.

There were no confessions of love or speeches.

After a simple oath and exchanging the rings, the host said to Mo Shenbai, “You may now kiss the bride!”

Xu Youyou and Mo Shenbai were both taken aback.

When they had spoken to the host earlier, they had forgotten to tell him to omit this step.

‘What should we do now Must we kiss But itll be my first kiss! Grandmas sitting in front of the stage.

If we dont kiss, will she…


Various thoughts raced through Xu Youyous mind when the man in front of her suddenly leaned down slightly.

He did not remove her veil.

Instead, he placed his warm hand against her cheek through the veil.

The temperature of his hand caused her cheeks to heat up.

Her eyes were wide open as she watched the man lower his head to kiss her.

Her mind had gone completely blank!

At this moment, Xu Jialu, who had just rushed back after receiving a call, witnessed this scene.

His expression darkened, and he gritted his teeth.

‘F*ck! Im going to kill you, Mo Shenbai!


At the Xu family house.

Old Madam Xu, who was dressed in a navy Qipao, sat on the couch.

Due to her illness, she looked rather emaciated.

At this moment, she sized up Mo Shenbai with a profound gaze.

Xu Youyou held her grandmothers arm and said softly, “Grandma, Im sorry.

I cant marry Lin Yin because the person I like…” She paused and glanced at the calm man next to her before she went all out and said, “… is Mo Shenbai.”

The only way for her grandmother to feel at ease was to let her grandmother believe that the person she liked was Mo Shenbai.

Old Madam Xu shifted her eyes away from Mo Shenbai and looked at Xu Youyou affectionately.

Nonetheless, she still asked skeptically, “Do you really like him When did you meet him Why dont I know anything about this”

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“Weve known each other for a long time,” Xu Youyou replied.

She was afraid her grandmother would not believe her so she added, “Hes a good friend of Brother.

Brother was the one who introduced us to each other.

If you dont believe me, you can ask Brother.”

“Xu Jialu!” Old Madam Xu called out immediately.

Although she was ill, her voice was filled with vigor.

When she looked at Xu Jialu, her gaze was cold and piercing.

Xu Jialu, who had been thinking of ways to kill the bast*rd Mo Shenbai, regained his senses immediately.

A fawning expression appeared on his face as he called out, “Grandma…”

“Is Youyou telling the truth” Old Madam Xu asked.

Xu Jialu looked at Xu Youyou meaningfully.

He could see her silently pleading with her bright eyes.

Naturally, he would have to help his sister.

He braced himself to lie to their grandmother and said, “Yes, Grandma.

I was the one who introduced them even though she and that bas*rd Lin…”

Xu Jialu quickly stopped speaking when he realized he had misspoken.

He corrected his words and said, “I know she and Lin Yin had been promised to each other, but I think its best to let Youyou marry someone she likes and be happy for the rest of her life.

How could she be happy if she had to marry someone she doesnt like”

Upon hearing this, there were no changes in Old Madam Xus expression.

No one could tell if she bought the lie or not.

She turned to Mo Shenbai and asked solemnly, “Mr.

Mo, do you really like my granddaughter”



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