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Xu Youyou fell into a daze when she saw the dark eyes, thick eyebrows, and the smile on the handsome face.

Mo Shenbai was as beautiful as a painting.

When she regained her senses, she pretended as though nothing had happened and quietly touched her burning face.

‘Why are you blushing Were you infected by Lanlan

Since Mo Shenbai still had matters to attend to, he told Pei Chuan to send Xu Youyou back to the hotel first.

He told her to wait for him and that he would bring her out after he was done with his work.

Xu Youyou was very sensible.

She told him not to worry about her and that she would wait for his return.

After Xu Youyou left, Mo Shenbai went to a jewelry store.

A few of the executives were already waiting for him in the jewelry store.

When they saw him, they immediately walked up to him.

One of them said in a professional manner, “Chairman Mo, weve already inspected this jewelry store.

The quality of their products is quite good, and their designs are very fashionable as well.

In fact, many celebrities come here to customize their wedding rings.”

Mo Shenbais face remained expressionless as he nodded in response.

“Chairman Mo, is the company planning to enter the jewelry industry” another executive asked tentatively before saying, “I think its better for us to buy a mine to supply stones instead.”

Mo Shenbai frowned slightly as the manager of the store led him to the VIP room.

He unbuttoned his coat with one hand and did not respond to the executives words.

The executive felt a chill running up his spine, wondering if he had misspoken.

The manager had asked a salesperson to bring a few trays of rings over.

There were rings in all kinds of sizes and designs.

Perhaps, their only similarity was that the sizes of the diamonds were at least 10 carats.

Mo Shenbai glanced at his employees before he asked, “What kind of wedding rings do women like”

The executive, who felt like he had misspoken earlier, could not wait to redeem himself.

He hurriedly said, “I think the bigger the diamond, the better! My wife kept saying she wants a diamond as big as a pigeons egg!”

The other men nodded in agreement.

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“A man can also show his love through the size of the diamond he buys!”

Mo Shenbais eyebrows twitched slightly.

Although those words sounded reasonable, he could not help but feel uncomfortable.

How could love be measured by money The diamond rings were beautiful, but they were cold and empty.


The manager ordered for other rings to be brought over again.

The one-meter-long table was filled with trays of dazzling wedding rings.

At this time, Mo Shenbai was staring at a ring in a corner.

Although the size of the rock was not big, the design was quite beautiful.

A ruby lay in the center of what looked like a blooming flower.

The manager was very observant.

He quickly explained the design of the ruby ring to him, saying the ring symbolized love and was perfect to pamper ones significant other with.

“Alright, pack it up,” Mo Shenbai said as he handed the ring over.

At the same time, the executives looked at each other in confusion.

‘Whos Chairman Mo buying the ring for Is the gossip true Is he in love

Following that, a photo appeared in their mind, and all of them thought in unison,F*ck! Hes really a pervert whos in love with a minor!

The executives began to wonder if they should speak to the public relations department to prepare for the disaster that was sure to come.

Then, they thought it would be better to inform the legal department first.

All of them felt as though they were helping the villain at this moment.

When Mo Shenbai brought the ring back to the hotel, he was unaware that he was now apervert and abeast in the eyes of his employees.

As soon as he pushed the door open, he saw a young woman sitting on the couch with a pen in her hand.

She was so focused on drawing that she did not realize that someone had entered the room.


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