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Mo Shenbais casual words stirred up 1,000 waves in Xu Youyous heart immediately.

She was in a daze as feelings that she did not even know existed rose in her heart.

She lowered her head, and she could not help but smile.

Her mood suddenly improved significantly.

Mo Shenbai squatted down and reached out to help her tidy her hair.

Naturally, the smile on her face did not escape his notice.

He asked, “So youre no longer angry with me”

Xu Youyou lowered her gaze and replied, “I wasnt angry with you in the first place.”

“Then why did you avoid me if you werent angry” Mo Shenbai asked as he looked up at her with his dark and sparkling eyes.

They were gentle and warm.

Xu Youyou bit her lower lip, mulling over how to answer the question.

She was truly not angry at him.

She just did not know how to face him after she discovered her feelings for him.

Her feelings were very strange; she was happy and sad.

They were something she had never felt when she was with Lin Yin.

Mo Shenbai did not further pursue the matter.

He patted her head with his warm and big hands as he said, “Alright, its fine if you dont answer me.

Just dont avoid me from now on, okay”

His voice was tender and filled with affection.

Mo Shenbai did not understand why she was angry or avoiding him, but he thought that sometimes women needed to be alone.

Hence, he did not take it to heart or pursue the matter.

Xu Youyou sighed in relief inwardly upon hearing his words.

Her eyes were filled with joy as she nodded and considered this a promise to him.

Xu Youyous physique was not bad.

After sleeping and resting for a while, the cold symptoms had completely disappeared, and her appetite had also returned.

For breakfast, she even had two bowls of porridge.

Mo Shenbai was relieved when he saw that she had returned to being energetic.

However, he still could not help but worry so he reminded her, “The weather is getting colder.

Put on more layers of clothes when you go out.

Dont prioritize looking good.”

“I dont prioritize looking good,” Xu Youyou retorted.

Then, she flipped her sleeves up and showed him as she said, “Look.

My clothes are thickly lined.

It keeps me warm.”

Mo Shenbai looked at the furry lining of Xu Youyous clothes.

They seemed to be as soft as her.

He said, “Its good that you know.

The next time you catch a cold, Ill bring you to the hospital for an injection.”

Mo Shenbai knew about her aversion to hospitals so he deliberately said this so she would take better care of herself.

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Xu Youyou pursed her lips and did not say anything.

After finishing his coffee, Mo Shenbai rose to his feet and took his coat from the butler.

As he buttoned his coat, he asked, “Do you have classes in the morning”

Xu Youyou shook her head.

“No.” After a pause, she added, “However, I have to go to the Lin family house.”

Mo Shenbais hands paused, and he looked at her.

His eyes darkened immediately.

Xu Youyou did not know why, but when she met his gaze, she felt inexplicably guilty.

Hence, she took the initiative to explain.

“Grandma Lin hasnt been feeling well recently.

Shes always treated me very well.

I should visit her.”

Mo Shenbai lowered his gaze to hide the ice in his eyes.

Then, he said, “Youre very respectful.” Then, he said to the butler, “Prepare the gifts that Pei Chuan sent over previously for Madam to bring to the Lin family house.”

“Yes,” the butler replied before leaving.

Xu Youyou hastily said, “Theres no need for that.

Ill just buy something on my way over.”

“Since we have these things lying around at home, theres no need for you to waste money,” Mo Shenbai said as he continued to button his coat.

When he was straightening his tie, he looked at her and said, “Those things were given to me, and I have no need for them.

After they expire, theyll be thrown away anyway.”

Xu Youyou looked at him.

‘So, is this considered doing a good deed

It did not take long before the butler brought out three boxes of gifts.

Two of them were the same brand as the gifts Mo Shenbai had brought to the Xu family during the mid-autumn festival.

They were ridiculously expensive.

With this, Xu Youyou thought it was reasonable for her to accept the gifts and give them away.

Otherwise, it would go to waste.

She was killing two birds with one stone.

At the Lin family house.

Cang Ming got out of the car as Xu Youyou got out of the car.

After he brought the gifts out of the trunk, he said, “Madam, let me send you in.

Although there arent many things, theyre quite heavy.

You paint and draw a lot.

Itd be bad if you hurt your hands.”

In fact, before leaving Moon Pavilion, Mo Shenbai had instructed Cang Ming to follow Xu Youyou closely to make sure she would not be bullied.


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