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The corner of Xu Youyous mouth twitched slightly upon reading Su Lanxus reply.

Then, she directly sent a video to Su Lanxu.

Su Lanxu: F*ck! You actually went to Sky Garden Restaurant without me! This is too much!

Although Su Lanxus allowance was rather sizable, the price of eating in Sky Garden Restaurant still made her heart ache.

Unless her family brought her here, she would not come to the restaurant.

Xu Youyou: Mo Shenbai brought me here.

He told the manager that Im Madam Mo, and he told me that I can come to eat here whenever I want.

He said therell be a discount as well.

However, its to be deducted from my brothers bonus.

Su Lanxu: Are you bragging and trying to show off your loving relationship

Su Lanxu only paid attention to the first half of the message and ignored the bit about Xu Jialu.

Xu Youyou bit her lip, hesitating, before she sent another message to Su Lanxu.

Xu Youyou: Lanlan, I really want to chase after Mo Shenbai.

Do you think I can catch up to him

The status showed that Su Lanxu was typing.

However, after a long while, Xu Youyou received a voice message instead.

Xu Youyou placed the phone against her ear and played Su Lanxus voice message.

“My darling! You finally thought things through and decide to sleep with Mo Shenbai!”

Although Xu Youyou did not play Su Lanxus message out loud, Xu Youyou felt that Su Lanxus voice was too loud in the quiet and elegant restaurant.

She hurriedly lowered the volume as she looked around.

Fortunately, there were not too many people in the restaurant, and Mo Shenbai was not at the table.

Otherwise, she would have to kill herself to escape from the embarrassment.

Xu Youyou: I said I want to chase him.

I didnt say anything about sleeping with him.

Su Lanxu: Theres no difference! Youll eventually end up in his bed.

Xu Youyou: …

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‘It seems like I really cant chat with her…

Su Lanxu: How do you plan to chase him Are you just going to be direct and hold his hand immediately

Xu Youyou: I dont know either.

Do you think its okay for me to take the initiative

Su Lanxu: Dont worry.

Men are all visual creatures.

Youre so cute.

As long as you know his preferences, it wont be hard for you to capture his heart.

Xu Youyou: But cuteness is nothing in front of sexiness.

What if he doesnt like me this way

At this time, Mo Shenbai returned to the table.

Upon seeing this, Xu Youyou hurriedly muted her phone even though Su Lanxu had yet to reply.

The food in the restaurant was very good.

Xu Youyou ate quite a lot.

If she was not trying to leave a good impression on Mo Shenbai, she would have drunk another bowl of soup.

After the meal, Mo Shenbai ordered coffee for himself and dessert for Xu Youyou.

Then, he asked, “Do you have classes in the afternoon”

Xu Youyou shook her head.

“No, I dont have classes after this.”

Mo Shenbai set the cup in his hand down and asked, “Do you want to come to the company with me”

“Huh” Xu Youyou was confused.

She looked at him with her big and beautiful eyes as she asked, “Why would you bring me to the company”

“Your brother has just completed a project so hes quite free.

You can visit him,” Mo Shenbai said, trying to lure her into accepting his invitation, “Youve not visited him at work, right”

Although Xu Youyou was tempted by the invitation, she still had some misgivings.

She asked, “I wont disturb your work, right”

“No,” Mo Shenbai replied.

With this, Mo Shenbai dispelled her misgivings.

The restaurant was not too far away from Mo Group.

It was only a fifteen-minute drive from the restaurant.

When Mo Shenbai and Xu Youyou returned to the office, it was rather empty since it was still lunchtime.

Even the parking lot and the elevator were quite empty.

Mo Shenbai brought Xu Youyou to his office on the top floor first before he said to Pei Chuan, “Get someone to bring a glass of juice over.

Check if Mr.

Xu is in the office.”

“My brother might not be around” Xu Youyou asked as she took a seat on the huge black couch that dwarfed her.

She looked so cute at this moment that it made people want to hug her.

Mo Shenbai calmly averted his gaze as he hung his coat on the rack and replied, “Hes usually in the office, but he doesnt have much work these two days.”

Xu Youyou nodded.

With Xu Jialus carefree personality, if he had the time, he would definitely fly away.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Chairman Mo, I brought the glass of fruit…”

When Mo Shenbais secretary pushed the door open, she stopped speaking immediately when she saw the woman sitting on the couch.

She looked at the woman with his mouth agape, too stunned to speak.


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