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“Naturally, you have to pretend to be afraid and fall into his arms.

Arouse his desire to protect you!” Su Lanxu said, “This will definitely work!”

Xu Youyou imagined the scene in her head and found it a little dramatic.

She asked, “Dont you think its too fake”

“Do you want to pursue Mo Shenbai or not”


“Then, do as I say,” Su Lanxu said confidently as she patted Xu Youyous shoulder, “Trust me.

Its not impossible for you to take down Mo Shenbai!”

Xu Youyou hesitated for a moment before she said reluctantly, “Alright.”

Su Lanxu was filled with confidence.

When the second mission was triggered, she was determined to create a chance for Mo Shenbai and Xu Youyou to be alone.

When the time finally came, she discreetly lifted her hands to cheer Xu Youyou on.

With Su Lanxus departure, only Xu Youyou and Mo Shenbai were left in the dark room.

Their flashlights were not enough to illuminate the room so they both moved together.

Now that it was just the two of them, the room was very quiet.

The atmosphere was a little strange so Mo Shenbai found something to talk about.

He asked, “What were both of you talking about earlier”

“Ah” Xu Youyou was stunned, not knowing how to answer the question.

Then, she hurriedly said, “Its nothing.”

Fortunately, the room was dark.

Otherwise, Mo Shenbai would definitely see the guilty expression on her face.

Earlier, when the two young women were talking, Mo Shenbai saw them looking at him.

Clearly, they were talking about him.

However, since Xu Youyu did not want to say anything, he had no intention of pursuing the matter.

He continued to search for clues with her.

Based on the previous clue, they had to check the wardrobe.

There was a drawer at the bottom of the wardrobe so Xu Youyou squatted down to open the drawer.

When she pulled the drawer open, something popped out, causing her to fall backward.

Just as she was about to fall, a pair of warm hands caught her.

Xu Youyou raised her head and heard Mo Shenbais low and hoarse voice saying, “Dont be afraid.

Its just a doll.”

Mo Shenbais flashlight was pointed at the doll lying on the ground.


The dim light illuminated Mo Shenbais face.

His facial features were exquisite and beautiful.

In the darkness, his woodsy scent made Xu Youyou feel very safe.

At this time, she thought the escape room was truly very good.

Mo Shenbai bent down to help her up as he asked, “Are you okay”

“Im fine.

I was just shocked.”

At this time, Mo Shenbai suddenly squatted down.

He held the flashlight in one hand and used the other hand to pat the back of her pants.

Many people came in and out of the room every day so the hygiene was not the best.

The floor was dirty, leaving smudges on Xu Youyous white pants.

His hands were like jade as he gently brushed the dust off her pants.

She felt as though his hands were playing the strings of her heart at this moment.

It caused her heartbeat to become chaotic, and she became lost in that feeling.

At this moment…

“Sorry to disturb you.”

The staff members voice suddenly rang from Xu Youyous walkie-talkie.

The lingering ambiguity in the room vanished slowly.

At this time, Xu Youyou remembered there was a surveillance camera in the room.

It meant that the staff member had seen everything earlier.

She could not help but blush.

She pretended to be calm as she watched Mo Shenbai rise to his feet and calmly asked, “Whats the matter”

The staff member said with a hint of helplessness, “Can I trouble you to go to the room for the first side mission”



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