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Xu Jialu was still feeling embarrassed when Xu Youyou took the initiative to apologize to the young actor on Xu Jialus behalf.

“Im sorry.

My brother is frightened out of his wits so he forgot about it for a moment…”

When the young actor heard Xu Youyous sweet voice apologizing to him, the unhappiness in his heart disappeared.

He smiled and said, “Its okay, its okay.

We often meet people like him.

His reaction isnt even the most exaggerated one.”

‘However, he is the first person who almost ripped my underwear off!

Xu Jialu also knew he was in the wrong.

He could not let his sister apologize on his behalf so he quickly said, “Im sorry, Im sorry.

Ill treat you to a drink later.”

“No need, no need…” the young actor said with a smile.

‘Who knows if youll try to rip my pants and underwear again if you get drunk

Mo Shenbai remained silent.

His eyes were fixed on Xu Jialus hand that was holding Xu Youyou.

He frowned, trying to endure it until he could not anymore.

He strode forward and pulled Xu Jialu to his feet.

Xu Jialu looked at Mo Shenbai in confusion.

“What are you doing”

Mo Shenbai did not reply to Xu Jialu.

Instead, he said mockingly in a cold voice, “Hey, you called for two different gods earlier.

Arent you afraid your luck will be bad”

Xu Jialu choked.

He said unhappily, “Im very lucky! You dont have to worry about me!”

Mo Shenbai ignored him and pulled Xu Youyou, who was still squatting on the ground, up.

He asked, “Are your legs numb”

“No.” Xu Youyou shook her head.

However, if she squatted any longer, they might become numb.

Xu Jialu, who smelled jealousy, asked, “So are you still going to play or not”

‘Theyre blatantly flirting in front of me! Do they think Im invisible


The young actor no longer wanted to act as a ghost to scare Xu Jialu so he left with the other staff member.

After a few moments, the room returned to what it was before the commotion.

Xu Youyou and the two men quickly deciphered the clues and unlocked the door that led to the third and final room of the main mission.

The final room was very difficult and scary.

Scary music drifted in the air, adding to the chilling atmosphere.

Xu Jialu would grab Xu Youyous arm from time to time.

Since Su Lanxu was not around, he could not be bothered to put up a front in front of his sister and Mo Shenbai.

Mo Shenbai quickly deciphered the clues and unlocked a hidden door in the third room.

Otherwise, even if Su Lanxu completed the second side mission, she still would not be able to enter the third room.

Mo Shenbai had just opened the door, and Su Lanxu walked out immediately.

Su Lanxu leaned against the wall.

Her face was pale, and she was trembling as she muttered to herself, “So scary! Its too scary! Ah, if you really fail to take down that old man, Mo Shenbai, youll be wasting my effort!”

Mo Shenbai: “…”

Su Lanxu, who raised her head and saw Mo Shenbai: “…”

Su Lanxu suddenly felt the female ghost she had seen was no longer as scary after she saw Mo Shenbais expression.

Xu Youyou, who had walked over and heard Su Lanxus words: “…”

Xu Youyou suddenly felt like she no longer wanted to care about the secular world.

Xu Jialu was still very nervous so he did not hear Su Lanxus words.

When he saw Su Lanxus pale face, he could not help but laugh.

“Oh, were you so frightened that you wet your pants Look at your pale face! You dont even need to use whitening cream anymore!”

Su Lanxu, who was mocked by Xu Jialu, did not refute his words.

At this moment, she felt he was not as annoying as before.

After all, he had successfully broken the awkward atmosphere.

Mo Shenbais dark eyes shifted to Xu Youyou.

A hint of surprise could be seen in them.

After a moment, his eyes lit up, and his lips curled up into a faint smile.

Xu Youyou lowered her head in embarrassment.

She did not dare to meet Mo Shenbais gaze.

She had never felt more embarrassed in her life.

In the final room, in order to heighten the fear, the room was completely dark.

Their only source of light was the flashlights in their hands/

Perhaps, it was because Su Lanxu did respond to him, Xu Jialu felt it was meaningless to mock her.

He quickly found a place to sit, deciding to leave everything to the others.

Su Lanxu, who had just experienced large-scale embarrassment, did not dare to get close to Mo Shenbai so she stayed far away from him.

Xu Youyou and Mo Shenbai stayed next to each other, but they remained awkwardly silent.

They pretended to be serious as they searched for clues.

At this moment, the eerie music grew louder, and the sounds of children crying rang in the air.

Following that, something heavy fell from above with a loud thump.

The instant Mo Shenbais flashlight shone over, his eyes widened.


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