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Several people came to see Meng Changjin when she came out of the room.

Meng Changjin happened to compare the people in the memory of the client with the people in the audience.


The old lady next to Hao Jianye, who was about the same age as his mother, was the client’s mother.

The couple in their twenties were one step behind the two, the client’s eldest brother and sister-in-law.


The middle-aged woman who came last was the elder sister of the client.


Meng Changjin stood on the platform and quietly scanned them.


Hao Jianye, this scum, couldn’t do anything about her.

So he went to her mother’s house to get help.


Too bad to let him down.

Her mother’s family was useless.


She was unsure whether the client had acknowledged this patriarchal family that sold their daughters like goods.

But she, Meng Changjin, would not acknowledge them.


Maternal family Oh, she had nothing to do with them.


“Xiumei, how could you, a woman with a family, file for divorce Jianye is a bit of a mess, but doesn’t he also provide food and clothing for you Besides, you have given birth to two losers in a row, and now you can’t have anymore.

Who would dare to take you after you divorce Jianye” The client’s biological mother frowned at the sight of Meng Changjin and then began to persuade hard.


Meng Changjin stood quietly on the platform and watched her perform.

Her heart was calm, and she wanted to laugh a little.


The client could not bear a child.

Wasn’t it because her body was injured by Hao Jianye, the scum


But listen, the client’s biological mother also said she could not give birth.

He was willing to have her still as if it was a rare and valuable quality of Hao Jianye.


What the hell was this


She was willing to reduce her identity as a woman as low as the dirt.


She was willing, but Meng Changjin could not.


But Meng Changjin didn’t refute her.

She was willing to lower herself to the ground; why should she treat her like a human being

However, the volume was harsh enough.

Meng Changjin stretched out her little finger and poked out her ears, then pulled over a long bench that two people would sit on and sat boldly and grandly.

Her eyes signaled to please continue the show.


Some people in the courtyard and the villagers watching outside were puzzled by Meng Changjin’s move, not knowing what she meant by it.


“Second sister, our mother is talking to you.

Why are you still sitting down” The client’s eldest brother was stunned and then said dissatisfiedly.


They were still standing in the yard, and she was fine, sitting comfortably.


Meng Changjin gave him a sidelong glance, then withdrew her gaze and continued to look at the client’s mother.


The client’s eldest brother was dissatisfied.


The Zheng family had always been patriarchal.

Their family had given birth to three daughters in a row before giving birth to the client’s eldest brother, the first male.

At that time, they really wanted to keep him in their hands.


The three girls in front were like slaves and were being ordered to do this and that.

The client’s eldest brother always felt that way.


When he was a child, calling his three sisters was like calling slaves.

He called them sisters, but in his heart, he did not treat them as family.


He was angry now that the obedient second sister ignored him so much.


“Your brother is talking to you, and you went deaf.

We are standing and talking to you; you have the face to sit and listen!”  When the client’s mother heard her son’s words, she also realized something was wrong.


Yes, she dared to sit and listen.


Meng Changjin stopped picking her ears, flicked her fingers, and sneered.

“Why Do you think I have to kneel down to listen instead of sitting”


The client’s mother’s eyes changed because of Meng Changjin’s words, but they all agreed with her.


They didn’t think there was anything wrong with letting her kneel and listen.


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