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Meng Changjin set up simple traps with things like leaves and vines as she walked.


Meng Changjin didn’t know if there would be prey passing by in these places, but she had other functions in arranging these traps.


Continuing to dig deeper, Meng Changjin finally found something good.


It was some herbs of some kind, but it was something she knew originally.

In this world, she was not sure.

The client did not know any medicinal herbs, so there was not even a comparison.


Meng Changjin dug up all the herbs.

She didn’t know the difference between these in this world and the herbs she knew, so she could take it back and study it.


She was an ordinary third-grade rogue cultivator, which meant she had little talent for refining medicine.

This world lacked spiritual energy, and it was impossible to practice to the extent that she could refine medicine, but she could still make pills.


Like some strengthening pills, it was divided into ordinary and upgraded versions.

Ordinary could be made even if you could not refine medicine because you only need some ordinary herbs to make.

However, the upgraded version was based on the ordinary version, adding some herbs containing spiritual energy, which would require refining.


Because of the difference in herbs, the efficacy of the regular and upgraded versions was also far different.

Still, the ordinary version was enough for ordinary people to use.


Of course, selling medicines in this world would require testing to be qualified.


Meng Changjin was not going to sell it herself, and she planned to sell the prescription to a pharmaceutical company.

She knew the value of pills.

If the money for selling the prescription was not spent extravagantly, it would be enough for a lifetime.


After all, this was something that this world did not have.


Rare things were precious, and she would not sell them if they were lower than her minimum price in mind.


Although the prescription of cultivation pills was like a commodity in her original world, it was precious in this world.


Of course, if she couldn’t sell it or the price didn’t satisfy her, she could only make money in another way.


“Xiao Si, let’s talk.” Bored in the mountain forest, Meng Changjin summoned Xiao Si out to chat.


She completely treated Xiao Si as a chatting buddy.


Xiao Si wanted to turn his head and ignore Meng Changjin, but the result was quite a facepalm.


“What do you want to talk about” Xiao Si asked, waving his fish tail.


“Like chatting about whether Hao Jianye is willing to nod for divorce when he returns from the hospital” Meng Changjin pulled a random topic and was digging a herb with a sickle in her hand.


“It should be.” Xiao Si remembered that Meng Changjin was so fierce.

If he was beaten by Meng Changjin every day, he shouldn’t be able to bear it, right


People tend to avoid harm after the pain.

They definitely would want to stay away from people who hurt them.


Hao Jianye was a scumbag, but he was not stupid.


Meng Changjin listened to Xiao Si’s words and did not oppose or disagree.


She didn’t think it was that easy.

She always felt Hao Jianye had something to do with the whole thing.


After thinking about it, Meng Changjin’s ears twitched, and she heard some movement.


It was not a human being.

The movements created by human beings would not be like this.


There was a prey!


Meng Changjin threw the herbs she had just dug up and the sickle into the back basket and carefully traced the direction where the sound came from.


Peeling off the bushes, Meng Changjin’s eyes narrowed happily.

“Hey, the raw material for the cost-free business is here.”


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