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Versatile SuperstarRise In Hollywood 22 Chapter 22

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[Move like that… Move like that… Move like that… ay… ay… ay…]

The sound of his phone alarm ringing woke up Aiden. Rubbing his eyes, he picked up his phone and saw that it was 10 PM.

It had been a day since the band round had concluded. Tomorrow, they would be given the challenge for the next round, and Aiden was a bit worried about it.

‘I dont know when I will reach Basic Grade 10.

He thought as he stood up from his bed. Then, stretching his body a bit, he left the room, feeling hungry.

Since he took a nap in the evening, he missed dinner time, but there would surely be some snacks in the kitchen.

Walking downstairs, there were a lot of thoughts in his mind, ranging from eating something good to worry about the competition. But when he reached the kitchen, he saw that it was already full of other contestants.

When they saw him entering, they looked at him with weird eyes. Aiden stopped in his tracks as he felt like the eyes on him were a bit different than usual.

The contestants were looking at him very strangely, and for a second, he wondered if he had done anything wrong.

‘Its surely not because I missed dinner.

He thought and saw Jackson taking steps towards him. He was looking at him with the same eyes as others.

“Aiden, you were sleeping” He asked, with a bit of hesitation in his eyes.

“Yeah, whats wrong Did something happen while I was sleeping”.

“Well, yeah… another episode of X-Star broadcasted today, and your interview was in it. Well, you should check it out yourself but dont show your face to Rachel, she looked like she would kill you if she found you.”


Aiden titled his head to the side, finding Jacksons words and expressions stranger and stranger every second.

“Just check it yourself.”

Taking out his phone, Aiden opened up Sparrow and saw that X-Star was already trending. Opening it up, he saw that there was an article with his name right on the top.

What the ** is this

He cursed, reading the articles title.



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